Hotel rules

Hotel rules


The Hotel Management would appreciate guests cooperation in respecting the rules, which are here for your safety and to ensure a comfortable and trouble free stay.
Please take a few moments to read them.

§ 1

1.     Hotel rooms are rented on daily basis.

2.      Unless stated otherwise at the time of check-in, it will be assumed that the room is rented for one night only.

3.      Check in time 2:00 PM, check out time noon of the following day.

§ 2

1.      Should a guest wish to extend their stay beyond the period indicated, please notify the reception desk before 10 a.m. on the original day of departure.
2.      Although we will do our best to help, all such requests are subject to room availability

§ 3.

1.      Under no circumstances may a hotel guest transfer their room to other persons. This applies even if the booking has unused room credit.
2.      Persons not registered as hotel guests may not visit or stay in a guest’s room between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
3.      The Management reserves the right of admission to any person who has deliberately infringed hotel rules during previous visit, caused damage to hotel property or that of another guests, disturb the peace and quiet of other guests in the hotel, verbally threatened or physically assaulted any member of staff.

§ 4

1.      The hotel renders services according to the category and standard it has been awarded. Should guests wish to complain about the service quality, they are requested to notify such complains to the reception at the earliest possible moment to allow the hotel staff to react rapidly.

2.      The hotel is obliged to ensure:

a)      full and unrestrained rest to hotel guest,

b)      secure stay, including upholding the security of information about guests,

c)      professional and polite attendance within the scope of all services rendered in the hotel,

d)      cleaning of the room and performing imperative repairs to equipment when quests are absent and also in their presence but only with their prior consent,

e)      technically efficient servicing; should faults appear which cannot be remedied, the hotel will spare no effort to change the room to alleviate the discomfort cause.

§ 5

On request the hotel renders the following services free of charge:

a)      to provide information related to the stay or travel,

b)      to accept money and valuables into storage during a guest’s stay at the hotel,

c)      to store luggage: the hotel may refuse to accept luggage into storage for periods other that a guest’s stay and also for property which is not of the nature of personal luggage.

§ 6

1.      The hotel accepts responsibility for the loss of or damage to the articles brought by persons using the hotel’s services to the extent defined in the provisions in art. 846-852 of the Civil Code.
2.      Hotel guests should inform the hotel reception immediately after they have noticed that damage has occurred..

§ 7

1.      There are unguarded and unattended parking spaces at the hotel. The hotel accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to a guest.

§ 8

1.      Quiet in the hotel is obligatory from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. the following day.

2.      The behavior of guests and other persons making avail of the hotel’s services should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guest. The hotel may refuse to render any further services to a person who infringes that principle.

3.      Smoking is not allowed in the entire hotel, including balconies, patios and terrace at the bar. A 500 PLN cleaning fee will be charged for smoking.

4.      At the bar and restaurant guests can enjoy meals and drinks purchased only on site.

§ 9

1.      Whenever as guest leaves his room he should check that the door is locked.

2.      A hotel guest is materially responsible for all and any damage or destructions of items of the hotel’s equipment and technical devices which he may cause or which are caused by persons visiting him.

3.      For reason of fire safety, the use of electric heaters, flat irons and similar item which are not items of room equipment is forbidden.

§ 10

Articles of personal property which may be left in the hotel room by a departing guest will  be sent to address indicated by the guest at his expense. Should such instructions not have been left, the hotel will store such object for a period of 3 months.

The Hotel Management


We wish you a pleasant stay at our hotel.

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